NYPD “Behind the Scenes”


NYPD: Behind the Scenes is a one-of-a-kind release featuring an incredible collection of over 100 images by award-winning photojournalist Mark Condren documenting the time he spent embedded with NYPD officers.

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The book, including images captured over two years, showcases some of the 36,000 officers fighting crime and keeping people safe. The images show the labor, intelligence, street savvy and high-tech brilliance, that goes into investigations as well as the human connection between officers and the people they serve. The book illustrates what the NYPD does – the technology, talent, and time that goes into keeping 8.6 million residents and nearly 63 million visitors a year safe.

“What I like most about these photos is that they capture such a wide array of the many functions of New York City’s police,” said Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “Because so much of it might seem routine to us in the moment. Because in that instant, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the gravity of a singular situation – or to maybe realize what a positive, lasting effect a simple interaction with a young person in an impoverished neighborhood might have on that boy or girl. There are images here of heartbreak and heroism, and of melancholy and surprising beauty. And every one of them freezes in time what it is that NYPD cops do better than anyone else, anywhere. I thank the New York City Police Foundation for its unparalleled support of our members, and photographer Mark Condren for directing his lens – and his talent – toward our cops. They deserve every bit of credit and attention he has afforded them.”

This 208 page book is printed full colour on press quality paper with spot varnish, display ink colors more accurately, vibrantly and purely.


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