Glacier (Jökull) – Ragnar Axelsson


Glacier is a new book by Ragnar Axelsson, Rax.

On foot and by plane, Ragnar Axelsson is photographing the glaciers that cover his homeland, creating a poetic record of the structures for a future without them.

Glacier is an ode to Iceland’s glaciers by renowned documentary photographer, Ragnar Axelsson. Having grown up near the glaciers and flown his plane over them countless times since, Axelsson has a deep affinity for the ice that has shaped the country’s land and psyche, as well as his own lifelong fascination. With near-abstract black-and-white aerial images, and short reflective texts, Glacier is a breathtaking view of glacial forms, textures, and patterns as seen from a lyrical flight that starts above the clouds and ends at the sea.

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Glacier is a new book by Ragnar Axelsson, Rax.

The photographs, taken in the past five years, are at once elemental and ethereal, dynamic and timeless, unfamiliar and intimate. A few minuscule human figures give an initial reference to the enormity of the glaciers, but the images soon lose all sense of scale, requiring a constant reassessment of our relationship to what we are seeing, and what in
reality we are bearing witness to. Surface details of the ever-moving ice, brought into sharp relief by volcanic ash, show powerful natural forces at play, but unseen and unstoppable forces are also at work. Nothing can be done to prevent Iceland’s glaciers from melting away. Within the next two centuries, they will be gone forever.

Jöklar is 200 pages long with 140 black-and-white images printed in tritone. It measures 360×250 mm and is edited and designed by Einar Geir Ingvarsson. Artist, Ólafur Eliasson writes the Forward and final words are provided by mountaineer, Tómas Guðbjartsson.


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