Payment methods

Fam Publishing accepts various types of payment methods: PayPal, PayPal with credit card, bank transfer.

PayPal – Credit Card
PayPal is a website that, after you have registered, allows you to open a personal account for free (which must be supported by an account already owned by you, which can be your bank account, a credit card or a prepaid card etc.), and make or receive payments online.

When you make a purchase on Fam Publishing with this payment method, a PayPal page appears, allowing you to access your account or the procedure to create a new one. By choosing to pay with PayPal, the amount is debited directly from the account on which the personal account opened on the Paypal website is supported. Keep in mind that with this payment system your financial data will not be shared with Fam Publishing but they will be managed directly by PayPal.
If you do not have a PayPal personal account, you can still pay with credit card by selecting the option when the PayPal screen appears.

Bank Transfer

You can also pay for your purchase through bank transfer made directly to the current account below

IBAN  IT78 B 08542 23702 004000176190
Correspondent Bank: Credito Cooperativo Ravennate e Imolese
Account Holder: Faenza Scientifics srl


Euro is the accepted currency.