My Time, the Watches’ Book Of The Year

This 688 page large format Ultimate reference book has beek produced with the great care that is an appropriate tribute to its exceptional photographical content; it will reveal to the public a watch collection never seen before.
This book, with parallel Italian and English texts, will be distributed worldwide by FAM Publishing in the prestiguious series “Collection” and is co-edited with Christie’s. The book was created by Christie’s with Sandro Fratini to underline his passion for the finest watchmaking from the technical aesthetics of the movement to the beauty of the dial and case design.
This book reveals examples of celebrated vintage Patek Phlippe and Rolex wristwatches, many of the unique pieces unknown to the collection community.

In addition, a fine selection of mid-century Audemars Piguet, Vacheron & Constantin, and Cartier watches are presented lavishly with in this massive book. Only a privileged few have seen these watches before and now the public has the opportunity to study, admire, and compare many of the most important watches ever made.

Sandro Fratini represents the second generation of the famous Fratini family of entrepreneurs, who founded the internationally renowned Italian Rifle jeans brand in 1958. Sandro Fratini’s personal watch collection and his passion for it, led him to create L’O, a chain of boutique hotels located in secluded locations in Florence, Venice and soon, Rome.

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